Warranty and Technical Support service


IT systems and equipment play a very important role in the operations of agencies, organizations and businesses. If the system malfunctions, it will greatly affect work; Therefore, system maintenance and upkeep need to be given special attention and done regularly.
Common problems organizations and businesses encounter include: sudden hardware failure causing disruption of system operations; Unstable operating productivity; Accessory equipment is damaged or overloaded.


While the system is under warranty, to ensure the system operates well with high performance and few unusual incidents. On a regular basis, our warranty & maintenance technical staff will come to the equipment installation site for technical inspection, check the condition of the equipment and provide technical maintenance for the equipment.
In case of necessity, we will make recommendations as well as adjustments to the usage process, ensuring that the system always operates in the best condition.


SAVIS’s commitment to providing high-quality warranty and technical support services ensures that our customers’ IT equipment operates with unwavering stability, security, and optimal performance. This allows our clients to focus their attention wholeheartedly on their core business activities with complete peace of mind.

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