Finance API​

Revolutionize finance with access to the entire universe of equities data via one standardized, intuitive, easy to use API. Stream real-time prices, retrieve historical data, company information, news, and more.

Benefits of using Finance API

Financial APIs can automate tasks and processes, such as importing data from one system to another or triggering actions based on certain conditions. It can save time and improve efficiency.

Financial APIs can integrate different financial systems, allowing them to share data and functionality. It can create a more seamless experience for users and improve the overall efficiency of financial operations.

Financial APIs can be used to build custom solutions and add new functionalities to existing systems. For example, a developer could use a financial API to create a custom tool for tracking investments or analyzing market trends

Financing APIs often include security measures to protect against unauthorized access and data breaches. It can help ensure the integrity and confidentiality of financial information.

Financial APIs can scale financial operations by allowing different systems to communicate and exchange data in real-time. It can benefit companies that handle large amounts of financial data or transactions.

Types of Financial APIs

Internal APIs

Financial institutions employ internal APIs to enhance information interchange and financial data system collection, increase overall performance, create new products, and manage data more securely. They provide cost reductions through automation and significantly lower the risk of information sharing.

Partner APIs

These APIs link data from different organizations. Serving as a conduit between a third-party partner and a bank enables collaboration between two entities. These APIs are typically utilized when a third-party business assists a bank in developing a new product or service. Partner APIs help banks improve their client services while helping third parties develop new products and services using safe financial data from banks.

Open APIs

Open APIs are distinct from partner APIs in that they exchange financial information with several, as opposed to just one, third-party service provider. Thanks to this, clients can securely exchange information such as account and billing numbers, balances, and transaction history. Building practical financial applications and services is made possible through open APIs.

Types of Financial APIs

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