SAVIS Mobile Gov Solution

Empowering Mobile-First Government Services

SAVIS Mobile Gov Solution, also referred to as m-Government or Mobile Government Solution, refers to a collection of technologies, applications, and strategies that enable government agencies to leverage mobile devices to improve public service delivery, citizen engagement, and government operations. It essentially aims to bridge the gap between citizens and government services by making them accessible and convenient through mobile phones and tablets.


Improved Citizen Engagement: Mobile Gov Solutions provide citizens with convenient access to government services and information, fostering increased participation and engagement in government processes.

Enhanced Service Delivery: Mobile solutions can streamline service delivery by allowing citizens to complete tasks and access services remotely, saving time and effort.

Increased Transparency and Accountability: Mobile platforms can be used to disseminate government information and data transparently, fostering public trust and accountability.

Improved Government Efficiency: Streamlined workflows and mobile communication can improve efficiency within government agencies, reducing administrative costs.

Greater Accessibility: Mobile solutions make government services more accessible to citizens in remote areas or with limited internet access.

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