SAVIS eGate 3.0

Public service portal and integrated electronic one-stop system


The platform architecture is recommended for the field of electronic storage digitization, while foreign solutions with standard platform architecture such as IBM Filnet, ECM OpenText, Documentum… It has high costs and is difficult to adjust to suit the professional requirements of Vietnamese units.

Administrative procedures in Vietnam today are still complicated and lack openness and transparency. There are many reasons for that, but mainly due to:


SAVIS eGate 3.0 was born with the goal of helping people and businesses handle administrative procedures quickly and easily look up work progress via the internet, e-mail or phone. This is also a solution to help ward leaders monitor and grasp the work progress of officials and civil servants, ensuring openness and transparency.

The electronic one-stop system forms electronic citizens and electronic records of citizens. The system provides complete public services at levels 3 and 4, integrating many outstanding features and accompanying services. Therefore, this promises to be an indispensable software solution for public administrative units in supporting administrative reform according to Resolution No. 36a/NQ-CP of the Government on e-Government issued in 2015.

Salient features

Management system

Establish a comprehensive and transparent public administrative procedure management system from reception to result return and storage, providing administrative units with a large archive and smart electronic records.

Open integration platform

Built on an integrated and open platform, easy to deploy on the cloud computing platform

Safety - Security

Safe and secure with OTP one-time password authentication and digital signature function

Look up results

Look up application processing results via touch screen and barcode scanner

Statistics of results

Statistics on document handling results

Smart notifications

Notification of document lookup and document processing results via SMS and email


Process reduction

Shorten the workflow by up to 80%, from 48 hours to 3 minutes.


Save time and operating costs up to 90%, freeing up organizational human resources

Safety - Security

Ensuring safety, security and data integrity according to European and world standards

Process reduction

Build a full digitalization process for businesses on a single software, reducing the burden of coordination – transfer – consultation of warehouse documents

Remote digital signing

Supports remote digital signing and digital signing on mobile devices quickly and conveniently

Real-time management

Track, report, and manage document status in real time

Smart filter

Store and retrieve documents quickly with smart search and filtering tools

SAVIS BPM Paperless

Efficiently manage workflows thanks to SAVIS BPM Paperless automated process integration

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