SAVIS MRP - Production Management
and Electronic Operations System

SAVIS MRP stands out as a transformative solution for Press and Television organizations aiming to adopt digital transformation and attain operational excellence. Its extensive functionalities empower organizations to streamline operations, maximize resource utilization, improve quality, and ultimately achieve sustainable growth and success.

Solution benefits

– Designed to suit every unit at various scales
– Simplifies the production process, reducing production overlaps
– Minimizes scattered use, waste of production resources (from personnel, production vehicles, outlines, topics, news, newsletter covers/sections/programs, norms…)
– Helps accurately evaluate products, labor
– Builds a paperless working environment

Technology Transformation

– Transition from .Net Framework to .Net Core for deployment and installation on various environments including cloud/private, cloud/open, shift/Vmware, cloud/AWS, k8s, rancher/docker container.
– Data: Migrate data from platforms with low readiness and scalability to platforms with high scalability and readiness.
– Decompose structured software blocks from SOA architecture into MSA to meet common and specific business needs.

Key features

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