Document Management System

The first and only electronic document management solution in Vietnam with advanced digital signature capabilities, LTV/LTANS long-term authentication with Timestamp signing for authentication and electronic evidence, safeguarding against fraud and forgery of electronic documents.


SAVIS DMS is a document management system designed to fulfill the needs of digitization and process automation for document management and electronic records of all organizations and businesses across multiple platforms (software, app, web…).
With the ability to automate processes such as document initiation, signing, storage,
transportation and extraction, SAVIS DMS enables organizations/businesses to manage
documents in a paperless electronic environment quickly, efficiently and with the utmost security and legal compliance. Every action on electronic contracts is tracked, ensuring content integrity, accurately identifying the parties involved, and ensuring secure storage.


Automated Processes, 100% Paperless

Review, edit and sign anytime, anywhere

Save time and costs up to 90%

Full compliance with legal and technical requirements and standards

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