SAVIS BPM Paperless

Digital process management automation solution


During the digital transformation process at agencies/enterprises, document digitization, process automation and digital document management are mandatory requirements. However, many current solutions have not been built to suit the needs of each unit, do not fully meet national and international standards, and do not comply with regulations of state agencies. This makes it difficult for agencies/businesses to choose and use digital document management products and solutions.


SAVIS BPM Paperless digital process management automation solution is a comprehensive document management and process processing system from document formation to processing and long-term storage within the organization. The solution allows users to define their own process flows, business processing steps, and automatically design user interfaces (UI) for use.

Solutions are provided on many different platforms such as: Public cloud for businesses that want to optimize investment costs and minimize system operating staff, Private Enterprise/On-premise for Agencies/Organizations want to build a separate, independent BPMS system to operate and integrate with business problems.


Safety - Security

Improve security, data integrity and legality in electronic transactions


ICentralized digital document management

Apply digital signatures and electronic signatures

Apply digital signatures and electronic signatures to electronic documents, allowing the display of signatures of organizations and individuals on electronic documents

Digitally sign multiple records

Digitally sign many records, documents, social insurance, taxes, customs, internal electronic documents, accounting documents

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