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In most organizations, state agencies and businesses, digitalization and electronic storage are indispensable and mandatory operations. With the development of science and technology, archiving becomes easier, all documents are managed uniformly according to the process.

However, units are still confused about choosing the right technology solution for their model. Domestic solutions are built and self-developed and do not comply with ISO technical regulations as well as the recommended platform architecture for the field of electronic storage digitization, while Vietnamese solutions foreign countries with standard platform architecture such as IBM Filnet, ECM OpenText, Documentum… It has high costs and is difficult to adjust to suit the professional requirements of Vietnamese units.


To solve the problem for businesses, SAVIS has researched and brought Trusted Archive – A reliable document storage solution that complies with ISO 14721:2012 – Standard for specifying the architecture of open archive information systems. Large national reserves in the world such as NARA USA, NAA Australia, Canada, UK… applied since 2003. The solution is built on an advanced Web technology platform, designed according to SOA service-oriented architecture allowing the ability to Unlimited scalability as well as easy integration with other information systems of the organization.

By adopting this solution, businesses can effectively manage millions of documents and retrieve them with pinpoint accuracy within seconds, leading to significant reductions in operational costs associated with maintaining physical records. Digitized documents are centrally stored and managed in a systematic manner, facilitating the establishment of a comprehensive data repository that fosters enhanced collaboration across departments, branches, and offices while minimizing the risk of document misplacement. Notably, the system incorporates robust security features that enable granular access control for individual users and maintains a detailed audit trail of each work session, thereby bolstering the security of records and financial ledgers.
In addition, for electronic documents stored for 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, 100 years or permanently, the system applies international long-term digital signature standards such as CAdES-LTA, PAdES Long-Term with Archive Time-Stamps (LTA).


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