SAVIS One Stop Portal

Seamlessly Integrated E-Government Solutions

SAVIS One Stop Portal is software designed to serve the Government and all provinces, from departmental to district and municipal levels, in managing records and administrative procedures. The software caters to citizens by providing access to administrative procedures, document inquiries, online submission of documents, and public disclosure of document processing status. SAVIS One Stop Portal helps government agencies improve the quality of service to citizens and organizations.


Key Features

Enhanced Security: Compared to usernames and passwords, Mobile PKI offers a more secure way to verify your identity on mobile devices, reducing the risk of unauthorized access to applications and online services.

Integrated Open Platform: Built on an integrated and open platform, easily deployable on cloud computing platforms.

Security and Safety: Ensures security with one-time password authentication (OTP) and digital signatures.

Result Inquiry: Enables inquiry of case processing results through touch screens and barcode scanners.

Result Statistics: Provides statistics on case resolution results.

Intelligent Notifications: Sends notifications for case inquiries and processing results via SMS and email.

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