Smart OCR

AI-Powered Document Digitization Solution
Digitally transform paperwork, streamline process timelines, and enhance customer experiences with our high-precision Document Image Information Extraction Solution, achieving accuracy rates of up to 98%.


Across industries, the volume of digital documents is growing exponentially. Emails, contracts, invoices, receipts, and more are all generated and stored electronically. Businesses also increasingly rely on accurate data for informed decision-making, financial analysis, and customer relationship management. Manual data entry errors and limitations of traditional OCR can lead to inconsistencies and unreliable data. This creates a massive data pool that needs efficient information extraction.


Smart OCR solution developed by SAVIS utilizes advanced AI technology to go beyond basic Optical Character Recognition (OCR). This solution tackles complex layouts, handwritten text, and even poor-quality scans with remarkable accuracy. No more struggling with manual data entry or unreliable information, Smart OCR empowers you to extract data seamlessly, categorize it intelligently, and gain valuable insights from your documents – all while boosting productivity and streamlining workflows.


Digitalization of Documents: Enabling efficient information storage and retrieval, replacing traditional manual search methods.

Process Standardization: Automated data extraction, minimized manual data entry errors, reduced manpower requirements for data entry

Enhance user experience: Streamline paperwork processes to expedite completion and enhance customer satisfaction.

Outstanding Advantages

High Accuracy: Utilizes cutting-edge technologies optimized for Vietnamese, achieving an accuracy rate of up to 98%.

Outstanding Processing Speed: Only takes 2-3 seconds per page of document on the server using only CPU and less than 1 second when using GPU.

Diverse Support: Supports all types of personal documents, administrative procedure forms in businesses or government agencies.

Easy integration: Easy to integrate into existing web or mobile apps of customers as the software service is designed as a Restful API.

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