The traditional contract signing method is increasingly revealing its weaknesses in the midst of the ongoing digital transformation. Individuals, organizations, and businesses still need to meet in person, physically sign, affix red seals, and transport contracts through courier services, leading to prolonged signing processes, potential disruptions, and security risks associated with the transportation and storage of physical documents.


Smart eContract is an electronic contract solution developed directly by SAVIS to meet the digitalization and automation needs of electronic contract signing processes for all types of organizations and businesses across various platforms (software, apps, web, etc.). Parties involved in electronic contract signing do not need to meet in person, saving time and avoiding risks related to the transportation and storage of physical documents.

With the ability to automate document creation, signing, storage, transportation, and extraction, Smart eContract helps organizations and businesses build contracts in the electronic environment without paperwork, quickly, cost-effectively, with maximum security and full legal compliance. Every operation on the electronic contract is recorded, ensuring the integrity of the content, accurately identifying the parties involved, and securely storing the contract.

The solution will help individuals and businesses save up to 90% of time and operational costs, reducing the process from 48 hours to just 3 minutes compared to traditional contracts.”


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