Simplify storage, organization & retrieval of your media files with MAM


In today’s content-centric world, many organizations are practically drowning in digital media assets. From video files, graphical elements, and other bits of rich multimedia content, the sheer volume of media being generated by enterprises large and small can feel overwhelming. Far too often, the search for the perfect asset through this sea of content can become a drain on time, productivity, and a team’s ability to hit deadlines.


MAM solution developed by SAVIS involves the strategies and software utilized to effectively manage and arrange multimedia files, encompassing video files, audio files and rich media content. Serving as a centralized hub, MAM provides a robust solution for storing extensive collections of media assets, crucial for both internal teams and external stakeholders engaged in video production processes and marketing initiatives. Advanced functionalities offered by our MAM solution, such as version control, cloud storage, and security measures, play a vital role in managing large volumes of video and multimedia files, thereby facilitating an efficient workflow in post-production environments and enhancing the overall content lifecycle.



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