TrustCA Cloud HSM

Cloud- based Hardware Security Modules


Today, electronic transactions in the activities of Government agencies, Finance-Banking, Taxation, Customs, Health, Transport,… have been widely applied. Digital signing of these electronic transactions is therefore increasingly popular. However, this leads to concerns about data security issues in agencies/organizations when using electronic transactions and digital signatures in the network environment.


Cloud HSM, a cloud-hosted hardware security module service, provides secure authentication management powered by the Cisco Hyperflex Cloud platform. SAVIS’s Trusted Cloud HSM service solution enables customers to store private keys on HSMs and utilize services ranging from authentication, document encryption, transaction signing, and electronic certificates/documents, all adhering to FIPS 140-2 Level 3 or higher security standards and complying with PCI/DSS physical security regulations.


Cost savings

Helps save maximum costs for HSM operation and operations

Uptime 99.5%

24/7 service response with high availability


The user interface is simple and automates the use of services through API functions

Comprehensive security

Meets the highest level of security

Comprehensive security

Meets the highest level of security

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