Agibank's representative

SAVIS constructs the PKI system, the centralized electronic signature authentication portal, and the digital signature system for Agribank

The system developed by SAVIS for Agribank will enable Agribank to possess a comprehensive PKI system and an electronic signature authentication portal, along with a digital signature system that fully complies with both international and Vietnamese standards for digital signatures and electronic authentication. Additionally, the system will adhere to the specific regulations of the banking industry in electronic transactions and cashless payments. Both organizational and individual customers of Agribank will greatly benefit from this system as it provides secure, diverse, and integrated financial service solutions.”

VP Bank's representative

SAVIS and ControlCase awarded the PCI DSS international security standard certificate to VPBank
“The PCI DSS certification is a significant step forward for VPBank in providing payment card services that ensure the security, privacy, and protection of customer data. Thanks to SAVIS and ControlCase, we are now able to reinforce our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of security and data protection for our customers’ peace of mind.”

General Director of VietCredit

SAVIS successfully implemented the Electronic Contract and Electronic Signature System for VietCredit
“Thanks to e-contracts and electronic signatures developed by SAVIS, we are able to improve our operational capacity, manage risks and reduce a series of costs such as printing, transportation and storage, contributing to creating opportunities for consumers to conveniently, quickly access and use mainstream financial products at a reasonable cost. From there, we join hands with the entire banking and finance industry to improve the quality of life for Vietnamese people.”