SAVIS Signing Server

Secure digital signing system


The current challenge of digital signing solutions in Vietnam for areas such as online tax/social insurance/customs declaration… as well as electronic transactions currently using Token tools is very inconvenient in electronic transactions.

Mobile applications of public digital signature service providers do not comply with common standards and are built according to different digital signature standards.


SAVIS is the first unit to apply and build a centralized digital signing solution according to the latest EU eIDAS standards for many different types of applications such as: XML Singning, PDF, Transaction Signing…. In areas such as banking payments, electronic documents/invoices,…



Advanced electronic signatures are encrypted, ensuring signed documents cannot be tampered with.


The key is controlled by a single signer.

Multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication (OTP, smart card, token, username/password).


Timestamps enable long-term authenticated digital signatures (PAdES).

Cut the cost

Reduce printing costs, protect the environment.

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