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As the realm of science and technology continues to evolve, grassroots broadcasting faces the imperative to adapt and embrace technological advancements. This transformation aims to foster closer connections with the audience, enhance broadcasting efficiency, and liberate broadcasters from the confines of traditional studios. SAVIS has risen to the challenge by introducing its comprehensive Digital Broadcasting Solution – SAVIS FMIP, addressing this critical need.


SAVIS FMIP BOX: a digital receiver applying information technology – telecommunications to transmit audio signals from the broadcasting system to the public through Internet transmission infrastructure 3G/4G/Wifi/LAN with the ability to control, turn on/off, create, browse, manage content, set automatic or remote broadcasting schedules on all devices (laptop, mobile phone, tablet…), providing stable audio quality unaffected by weather factors, hierarchical management according to each unit and ensuring security and information safety.

SMART FMIP – The first integrated device, digital broadcasting station in Vietnam, is a device that integrates the entire existing local broadcasting system, including both wireless and wired broadcasting, with a digital broadcasting system into a unified solution for easy management and control. This allows SMART FMIP to fully utilize the infrastructure of existing local broadcasting systems, including both wireless FM broadcasting systems and wired FM broadcasting systems, helping to save costs. Importantly, this is an open system, ready to integrate with other IoT applications such as traffic cameras, meteorological sensors,… allowing unlimited feature expansion as needed.

SAVIS FMIP SOFTWARE – Digital broadcasting software allows control, management of broadcasting systems, scheduling, account creation, permission assignment – management authorization, monitoring device status, handling specialized tasks such as editing broadcast content in text, audio formats… helping to establish a remote control system, anytime, anywhere, on any mobile device, freeing broadcasters or radio station staff from constraints in the workspace of traditional broadcasting rooms.

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