Data-driven solutions for seamless sharing and integration of digital information”


In an agency/business, many platforms and applications will be used to serve different departments and jobs. Therefore, an essential requirement is that all those platforms need to share and integrate with each other, creating a unified network of links within the agency/business.

However, the reality is that each platform and application uses a different type of data format and communication standard. This causes great difficulty for units in communicating internally as well as communicating with external systems.


LGSP 2.0, a shared and integrated digital data platform, empowers businesses to seamlessly integrate and share data across diverse applications and IoT devices within a unified framework. By leveraging cloud computing or on-premises deployment, LGSP 2.0 streamlines application integration across multiple platforms, enables resource sharing and reuse (including unstructured files), enhances system productivity and efficiency, and reduces overall investment costs for clients.

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