SAVIS GROUP has specialized capabilities in providing trusted digital products, solutions, platforms and services; with expertise in PKI systems, digital signature solution, blockchain, Data Encryption/Privacy, HSM. With strict compliance with Vietnamese and international standards, Savis Digital confidently owns a modern technical infrastructure for deployment of digital transformation solutions and services in all fields: Government, Healthcare , Finance – Banking, Education, Logistic, Transport, Telecommunications, Television – Radio…

Savis GROUP is currently a senior partner of leading corporations over the world such as: Entrust Datacard, Ascertia, Thales, WSO2, Kryptus, Sefira, GlobalSign, Adnovum, Cryptomathic… as an integrator, system implementer, software developer.


Constantly researching, developing and providing a comprehensive ecosystem of trusted digital products, solutions and services that meet the strictest international standards, meeting all digital transformation needs of all organizations and businesses.


Making Savis Digital the leading brand in digital products, solutions and services in Vietnam and internationally, and at the same time bringing the greatest satisfaction to customers.