Identity and
Access Management

Empowering access, safeguarding security

Identity and access management (IAM) is a vital part of modern IT that ensures employees and other authorized entities have secure access to company resources, regardless of their location or device. SAVIS IAM empowers businesses to verify identities and permissions and control access to sensitive data and functions.


Identity lifecycle management

Supervises the creation, maintenance, and termination of digital identities for entities on a network.

Access control

Helps companies avoid the problems that can arise from overprovisioning by setting user access permissions

Authentication and authorization

Enforces assign permissions through Multi-factor authentication (MFA), Single sign-on (SSO) and Adaptive Authentication

Identity governance

Monitors user activity to prevent unauthorized access and ensure regulatory compliance.

Why IAM matters?​

Helps companies comply with strict data access regulations by enabling formal access control policies and comprehensive activity tracking.

Financial APIs can integrate Enhances security by adding extra authentication layers and enforcing RBAC policies to limit unauthorized access.

Centralizes access management to ensure secure access for diverse users and resources in complex IT environments while maintaining user experience.

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