Network Infrastructure Services


If a business wants to develop and enhance its position in the domestic market or expand into the region, it must ensure the strength of its information technology system. Among these, businesses need to pay attention to building and establishing network infrastructure systems. A perfect network infrastructure system needs to meet good content quality and transmission speed as well as safety and security. If these basic factors are not paid attention to, incidents are inevitable, and even all information, documents and links made on the network will be interrupted or paralyzed. This will affect work performance, causing serious financial damage to any company or business.


SAVIS is committed to providing customers with comprehensive network infrastructure solutions following modern development trends:
– Build diverse connections (hierarchical network model, redundant network structure)
– Consulting, designing and implementing LAN, WAN, INTERNET,…
– Install and configure network devices and server systems.
– Survey, analyze, evaluate the capacity and security level of the current system and provide optimal solutions.
– Upgrade the network system.


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